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What Other Customers Say About Interactive Peek-A-Boo Elephant Toy

  • Jessica Moore


    I bought this for my 1-year-old niece and when she pulled it out of the bag she hugged it. When I said “hit the play button” and it played peekaboo she laughed and gave it a big kiss.

    Then when it sang “Do your ears hang low” she flipped out, hugged it tight as tight could be and laughed. You will definitely win the birthday/Christmas/whatever you are celebrating with this party. It’s definitely better when the kid already understands how to push buttons and hold things for themselves.

    Even mommy loved this! (And it makes noise so you know it’s great when mommy loves a noise making toy).


  • Nicole Carter


    I ordered this elephant for our granddaughter`s birthday this year. We knew it would be great as we purchased it’s cousin ~ the plush singing rabbit for our grandson a year ago.

    These plus toys are beautiful looking, soft, safe. And, the voice coming from them in speech & singing is pleasant compared to so many babies/toddlers toys. And so very well done.

    I would recommend this elephant to anyone, a perfect shower gift. And, a perfect toy for a baby under a year old with adult supervision.


  • José Ramirez


    I purchased two of these for new babies that arrived in our family. I was amazed at the quality of the sound and of the movement. These are wonderful toys for two and three years olds.

    The ones in the family were having so much fun with it I doubt if it survives long enough for the new baby to ever see it. I showed it to several people prior to giving them away and everyone laughed and totally enjoyed this elephant.

    No kidding, I wish I would have bought one for myself! Yes I do recommend this toy.


  • Andrew Taylor


    I am a Godfather that absolutely insists on spoiling his Goddaughter. At a little over one, I wanted to find something interactive and safe.

    This cute little elephant is surprisingly soft and my Goddaughter seems to think so since she loves cuddling with it. Seriously, some of the cutest photos ever were taken with her snuggling next to the elephant.

    Her first impression was amazement because of how the elephant flaps its ears and sings. If you have a child that loves music, this may be a great toy to purchase. My Goddaughter claps along and even dances a little with the elephant. Truly a good investment.


  • Paul Davis

    San Mateo

    Best money I ever spent. 
    My daughter loves elephants and when I saw this one talked I went ahead and purchased it without having seen it in person first.

    The Elephant alone is beyond adorable but when you press one foot and it plays peekaboo and the other foot sings a song With both ears interactively moving, I nearly cried it was so adorable!


  • Katie Peterson


    My husband bought this for me for my birthday… and I’m in my sixties. I LOVE it!!!! I’m a fan of elephants to begin with and this one is just precious!!

    Soft as can be, very cute and appealing voice and my little grandchildren are in such awe of it. One of my daughter’s said it is the cutest musical action toy she had seen and she’s always looking for her child. Well worth it!


  • Ramona Ojeda


    I loved everything about this adorable toy! It’s so soft and plush. I have purchased 3 so far, 2 for gifts.

    What makes this elephant so special is the fact that you can push a button on its foot, and peek a boo by voice and by flapping its ears over its face, saying “where am I”, then the ears come up and it says “here I am”..

    So often voices on toys are annoying, but this elephant has a child-like voice that is just right. It looks durable so you can expect a very long life.


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