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“Peek-a-boo is most fun with you!”

Liam Johnson – 2 hours 17 minutes ago

“I have purchased two of these for grandkids. They love him. It is really cute.” – Nora.

“Ordered one for my daughter and two more for my little nieces! I love it! Can’t wait to give them these amazing elephants! I know they will love the toys as much as I do!” – Diana.

“I bought this for my granddaughter when she was an infant. She still plays with it all the time. It makes me smile every time I watch her with it as she always has the biggest smile on her face.” – Camilla.

Our cuddly elephant says, «Hello, baby!» to every young one who gets in contact with him. We’re sure this adorable companion will bring joy to every child. Say hello to this animated plush toy that sings!

The toy is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included) and comes to life at the push of a button. With two different play modes, you can press his left foot to play an interactive game of peek-a-boo where the elephant hides behind his big ears, or press his right foot and he will sing “Do Your Ears Hang Low” in a sweet child’s voice.

Why is this elephant better than other toys?


Even the most caring mother needs to work and take care of the house (and can’t spend every waking second with her kids). So it’s important that you have a toy that can entertain a baby for a long time. Our plush elephant is warm and attractive to entertain every little boy and girl.

Babies adore this elephant. They are fascinated and entertained by his animated moves! There’s nothing like that special bond between a child and his or her first plush toy. This elephant is specially designed to create lasting memories and hours of playtime while mom is busy.



The elephant is always ready to play with your baby. He comes to life at the push of a button! He is aimed to stimulate the imaginative play of babies, helping kids build fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and enhance their creativity while keeping them engaged and entertained. He offers interactive play value that helps kids develop and learn while having fun. This toy also can play a high-quality recording of a beloved children’s nursery rhyme, which is great for teaching kids about rhythm and music.

This toy appeals to all ages of kids, from infants and children below the age of 10. It’s perfect for playing, collecting, and cuddling and fits right into any kid’s room.


Children attach to stuffed animals easily and naturally due to their soft touch and alluring, cute designs. The soft voice and soothing touch of this plushy elephant are calming and distracting for little ones, reducing anxiety or angry feelings.

Your kid can dance and sing along to the “Do Your Ears Hang Low” nursery rhyme for non-stop entertainment while they’re left alone or out of their mom or dad’s presence. The cuddly elephant can even help ease your baby into sleep at night or for afternoon naptime.

Make this soothing plush toy your child’s bedtime buddy, daytime friend, or travel companion.



Constructed with care to the highest of standards, this elephant features premium, huggable plush material for unparalleled softness and comfort.

The elephant also has a hidden on-off switch and safe, embroidered details on surface-washable, baby-soft plush for hassle-free cleaning. Experience a toy that stays soft even after countless washes, kisses, and games of peek-a-boo.


This elephant is a great gift for holidays, birthdays, or baby showers. It’s a great addition to any kid’s stuffed animal collection, and it’ll definitely stand out with its ability to sing and play. Your kids will love it, and you’ll also love how it can keep your child occupied as you go about your day.


Let’s listen to those who have already bought this elephant!

«This is a very cute gift for little kids. My little girl is 12 weeks old and she loves this little bunny. It keeps her engaged and seems to be fun» – Alice.

«I love the cute ear movements and it’s voice. It’s perfect for a little one because it’s actually sung by a child and not too annoying as it is with most “talking” toys» – Dora.

«Absolutely darling! My granddaughter’s face lights up every time we play it for her! And, I love that you have TWO songs!» – Sarah.

«Very cute! Each of the two songs/dialogues lasts about a minute and the ears flap hilariously in sync with the sound. Our granddaughter and several other babies have been enthralled with it. Makes me laugh every time too!» – Neil.

«I purchased this for my granddaughter in Canada. I found out later that this is the only toy my daughter feels safe leaving in the crib with my granddaughter while she sleeps. Warm fuzzies» – Tillo.

So, is this little guy really cute? He will be a cuddly little companion for your kids that will make them smile, sing and dance, creating sweet memories! And even more – this elephant will be your baby’s best friend right from the start!

Grab the chance to buy Peek-A-Boo Elephant Toy with up to 50% DISCOUNT:

One Elephant Toy: $39.90 instead of the original price of $57!

Two Elephant Toys: $68.40 instead of the original price of $114!



  • Ryan Watson

    We bought this for the 1st birthday of our daughter. And it becomes one of her favorite toys! At first, she seems nervous about the moving ears, then she enjoys pushing the button and holds the elephant in her hands for a long time. It’s just so lovable to see her hugs and kisses and smiles with the elephant. It is worth the money, and we bought it when it was a deal price.

  • Dorothy Meyer

    I got this ADORABLE Singing Elephant for my 4-month-old daughter. As far as I can tell, she loves it! It is adorable! It makes a perfect gift for the little one in your life! Soft fur and the childlike voice get the little one’s attention! Just too damn cute!!! Son has the blue version, and our niece loved it, so I thought I’d get her one in pink. It’s still super cute and soft!

  • Adam Williams

    It is one of the cutest toys I bought. I purchased it for my granddaughter. Her Mom always says “Hey baby” to her, so it amazed her. It is the second product review I have sent. Grandbaby plays with this all the time. It is also holding up nicely. She likes to put her face between the ears while it is playing. The most favorite toy I have bought in a very long time. It is so sweet.

  • Frank Valdez

    It is such a cute toy and idea. The elephant is super soft and very versatile – the option to play peek-a-boo or sing a song. My little one enjoys watching it in action. Also, the floppy ear animations are great! The shop impressed me with this toy, so I recommend it for your little one or as a gift.

  • Arnold Austin

    I think I love this toy elephant as much as my grandson!! It has two games, peek-a-boo, and sings “Do your ears hang low” song. It is easy to push buttons on the feet to play. It is so adorable! I will make this a gift for new moms in the future. Every time we push the button, so the elephant plays, my grandson smiles!!

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